Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paleo Carrot Recipe to Replace Rice

I recently came up with a new way prepare carrots that my brother and I love. I was inspired by some awesome carrots I had at one of our fav restaurants, which is a Sri Lankan place. The idea was to prepare carrots in a manner that they could be used a substitute for rice. I also wanted to maintain an Indian/Sri Lankan flavor.

Shredded Carrots (We buy ours at whole foods pre shredded, but you can shred your own)
Chicken Broth
Chili Powder
Fresh Ground Pepper
Fresh Ginger
***DO NOT add salt, the chicken broth is salty enough***

  1. Pour the carrots, spices, and chicken broth in a covered pot or pan and bring to boil. Let cook for approximately 30 minutes
  2. Remove cover from pot/pan and cook off broth
  3. Throw some butter in at the very end and saute

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